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Recruiting Jobs Personnel Consultants is a search firm that places candidates in a wide variety of industries, in most functions.

Recruitment, a function of Human Resources, plays a vital role in the life of any organization. Different from other HR functions, recruitment is intelligence driven and, in its more commercial aspects, directly affects a company's profitability and bottom line. Our service promotes HR as being a source of competitive advantage rather than a cost.

At RJPC we strive to serve our clients. The bottom line is the delivering pre-screened talent and timely information translates into value. We recognize the intrinsic value of information in recruitment, research, competitive intelligence, sales leads, or any other value added services, as being a determining factor in our client's success and therefore ours.

We want our clients to communicate any issues, needs, constraints, or problems in general in helping achieve the desired outcome. We believe communication allows us to create tailor-made solutions.

Our belief is that the ability to identify and produce top talent or resources in a cost effective manner solves problems that allows our clients to reach their goals.

Our Mission is to utilize our network and resources with the highest of integrity, creating a partnership between our staff with both clients and candidates.

At RJPC we provide value to clients while managing applicants' expectations in the fairest manner. We are delighted to provide a positive experience to all and get satisfaction from helping people overcome challenges.