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Paul Weinberger

Paul Weinberger

(512) 900-4391

Paul Weinberger has worked in different capacities in the energy industry, which include roles in risk management, energy trading, and Human Resources.

Throughout most of the 90's he served as Controller, Floor Trader, and finally President of Marc Commodities Clearing Corporation, a Member Nymex Clearing House. With a decade of trading experience, Paul has traded in many financial commodity markets. This includes not only energy markets like crude, products, and gas but also metals, agriculture, softs, meats, and currencies.

His expertise in commodities markets, trading, financial operations, and experience for a well-known national staffing organization was a catalyst that steered his career toward Human Resources. He was hired by Enron in HR to find talent for their Wholesale Services, Global Markets, and Networks divisions. His responsibilities included acquiring trading, risk, analytics, and marketing talent for most tradable commodities. He also successfully lead recruitment for a new innovate group; Freight Markets.

With over a decade of experience in recruiting and as part of the HR team that realized a savings of several million dollars per year, his goal is to set a distinction between our service and traditional recruiters, as we truly understand the processes behind these savings. Paul strives to provide a service that embraces a mantra of accountability, professionalism, and communication. He has achieved many marks of distinction with both clients and candidates. Paul hopes to earn the same distinction with you.

Nick Bulow

Nick Bulow
VP-Recruitment Services
W (512) 900-4391

For the past 4 years, Nick Bulow has been engaged in the talent acquisition industry. He started off recruiting professionals in the accounting/finance sector, where he was trained on the "basics" of recruiting (sourcing, cold calling, screening, interviewing.) From there Nick moved into the Energy space, where his focus shifted to Renewable Energy. He has successfully placed Jr. and Sr. Wind developers, business developers, transmission specialists, risk/quantitative analysts, gas & power originators, traders, finance and accounting professionals.

In his spare time, Nick likes to enjoy all of the outdoor activities (both day and night) that Austin has to offer. This includes playing golf, boating on Lake Travis, and relaxing at Barton Springs.

Nick graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Communication Studies and was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Jeremy Dunham
Director of Recruitment and Lead Generation
W (512) 900-4392

Jeremy joined RJPC Group in 2008. Previously a successful professional speaker working with the pinnacle of professional speakers, Jeremy shared the stage with luminaries such as Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins. On his own, as a motivational speaker and sales trainer Jeremy gave public and private seminars to Fortune 1000 companies and individuals looking for personal and professional growth. He founded IPG, a boutique consulting firm dealing with leadership and management strategy. While consulting for public and private companies at IPG, Jeremy also worked with several of the top Ivy League business schools.

At RJPC Group, Jeremy made an immediate impact successfully facilitating clients and candidates in the front office, especially with power and natural gas trading and origination. Much of Jeremy’s initial work with RJPC Group has been positions of a commercial nature such as wholesale, retail, technical, and industrial sales. He also has made significant contributions throughout the mid and back office having successfully completed both IT and risk management searches. In addition he has expanded his focus to emerging markets and other physical commodities besides energy. Finally Jeremy supports our firms mainstay efforts in the renewable market. This includes all aspects of geothermal, wind power development, solar technologies etc.

Gene Kamarasy
Finance and Accounting Consultant
W (512) 302-1224

Gene Kamarasy, is a financial and operational manager of international caliber with a wide range of operational and functional experience needed to guide a fast growing company smoothly to success. He has served as head of Global Development for a high tech company which built complex web sites and managed Oracle Databases for clients as well as serving as CFO for a distribution company Wurth Service Supply Inc.

Gene has a BS in economics and computer science from Vanderbilt. After earning his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Mr. Kamarasy spent nearly 6 years as a top strategy and finance consultant with McKinsey & Company and Booz Allen & Hamilton in their German offices.

Mondo Lopez

Mondo Lopez
Principal Consultant
W (512) 302-1224

Computer Science Degree University of Munich
Bachelor International Business Hochschule Bremen
20 years experience in International Financing & Banking.

In 1981 Terra Consulting was founded in Munich, Germany and evolved into an international enterprise, expanding into Europe, North, Central, & South Americas, as well as S.E. Asia. In the past twenty years he has established strong relations to Funds Enhancement Programs and has good connections to commodity traders. He added new independent spin-offs to the company and transferred in 1989 to the US where he established HQ in Austin Texas. With branches in Germany, London UK, and Bali Indonesia, his group of companies participate in international real estate development and investment locating, corporate solutions, Bulk and Wholesale Transactions, Translation Services, and Web design. Terra is fluent in German, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. Their communication proficiency opens the door to the global community when RJPC is called above for International assignments.

Our strategic relationship with Mondo brings a new dimension to RJPC’s services and gives us the ability to sourcing, recruit, development business on an global level. He is responsible for full cycle recruitment efforts that include; development and maintaining client relationships, candidate recruitment and transition following placement. In addition, his extensive contacts and vast experience in taking companies public has given RJPC the ability to introduce clients to his investment services. Mondo’s goal is to create partnerships by taking the time to thoroughly understand a clients corporate objectives, capital requirements, and staffing needs while identifying with the career goals and expectations of individual candidates and the objectives of investments experts.

Finally he is always interested to find more business partners and hopes to interest you or your firm to come together in order to build better and more diverse services, providing outstanding customer service in our global community. He works hard and never ignore any business opportunities, no matter how big or small.